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The Center for Higher Ambition Leadership is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and supporting a growing global community of leaders who have higher ambitions for themselves and their institutions. Higher ambition leaders  aspire to build organizations that succeed in the marketplace by earning the respect, trust, and, commitment of their people, customers, communities, and investors.

Our Shared Purpose: Help purposeful leaders build high performing organizations and a better world.

Our Mission: Enhance the practice and performance of leaders committed to doing well by doing good for all stakeholders.

At its heart, higher ambition leadership is about uniting head, heart, and hands — strategy, purpose, and practice — to create organizations that thrive over the long-term by meeting the needs of customers, associates, communities, investors, and suppliers.

This Web site is the virtual home of the Center as well as a gathering place for the individuals and organizations for discussion, learning, and sharing both new ideas and best practices.


The Center was founded on a core set of beliefs:

  • The purpose of business is to do both well and good;

  • Great leaders and great organizations excel at providing their stakeholders both economic and social value; and

  • Aligning an enterprise and its people to achieve a worthy purpose is not just the right thing to do, but is also the most effective way to achieve sustained high performance in an increasingly unforgiving competitive environment.


  • Connect Higher Ambition leaders and institutions to each other and to the resources and information they need…

  • Convene groups of these leaders and institutions around focused areas of shared concern or opportunity so as to…

  • Catalyze the accelerated development of:

    • Great Higher Ambition enterprises

    • Skilled Higher Ambition Leaders

    • More powerful Higher Ambition practices and knowledge


Our long-term vision is that the community of leaders and institutions connected to the Center will help each other to set a new standard for business leadership, economic success and social impact. As a result, the value of a long term multi-stakeholder higher ambition approach will no longer be a debatable topic—it will become the “new normal.”

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How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value

HA-BookcoverThe authors, all affiliated with the Center for Higher Ambition, interviewed, engaged with, and learned from 36 CEOs from around the world who have succeeded in creating value that sustains their companies in the short term and the long term. Indeed, their experiences prove it is possible for large corporations to consistently deliver superior economic and social value even in the face of headwinds from capital markets, rapidly changing technology, and unrelenting competition.