Furthering Higher Ambition Practice

Higher Ambition Boards of Directors

Building on a yearlong research initiative launched in 2013, the Center continues its work on the role of boards of directors in supporting and sustaining higher ambition institutions over multiple generations of CEOs. In addition to deepening and extending the research itself, the Center will offer both within company and cross-company workshops to support the development of Higher Ambition Boards of Directors. This initiative is being led by Ed Ludwig, Center Director and former CEO of Becton, Dickinson & Co.

CEO Learning Groups

CHL has launched a series of CEO-led learning visits to Higher Ambition companies to better understand the distinctive leadership and organizational practices that enable them to successfully engage and energize their organizations and stakeholders around a compelling higher purpose. This initiative is being led by Dick Gochnauer, Center Director and former CEO of United Stationers.

Annual Higher Ambition CEO Conference

The Center will host its 4th Annual Higher Ambition CEO Conference in January 2015. This conference provides an opportunity for higher-ambition CEOs to share common issues and challenges and learn from each others’ experience in an open and high trust environment.

Collaborative Research

Developing actionable and practical knowledge about higher ambition leadership through rigorous research is a core aspect of the Center’s mission. On a regular basis we will be actively working to identify opportunities to link world class business school researchers with higher ambition companies around other research areas of joint value and interest.

Building Higher Ambition Communities of Practice

The Center builds cross-company communities to foster direct connection and sharing among leaders around key areas of higher-ambition practice. Areas of focus include leadership development, corporate foundations and community engagement, building higher-ambition brands, and others depending on the interests and needs of Center member organizations.

Developing Higher Ambition Leaders

Higher Ambition Leadership Institute

Led by former Campbell’s Soup CEO and Center Director, Doug Conant, the Higher Ambition Leadership Institute is a year-long multi-session program that provides an opportunity for teams of high potential leaders from member companies to both develop their capabilities as higher-ambition leaders, as well as contribute to the advancement of their company’s mission and purpose.

The Center will also develop and conduct other cross-company or within company programs to develop next generation higher-ambition leaders at different stages of their careers.