Share Higher Ambition Practice: 

Connect and convene higher ambition leaders to share experience, insight, and innovation

Annual CEO Summit. The January 2017 Summit, Transforming to Realize a Higher Ambition, will be an opportunity for CEOs to share common issues, challenges and insights in an open environment.

CEO Learning Visits. On-site visits to Henry Schein and Thrivent in 2017, led by former United Stationers CEO and Center Director, Dick Gochnauer, provide a chance to learn how others implement distinctive business models and practices.

CHRO Summit. In 2017, a Chief Human Resource Officer Summit will launch a new community for CHROs to share experience and best practices in building and sustaining a great higher ambition organization.


Develop Higher Ambition Leaders:

Delivery of high impact programs that help members to build the next generation of higher ambition leaders

Higher Ambition Leadership Institute. The HALI Program is directed by former Campbell Soup Company CEO and Center Director, Doug Conant. This year long, multi session program is designed for teams of high potential leaders from our member companies to both develop their capabilities as leaders, as well as increase their companies’ economic and social performance.


Advance Higher Ambition Practice:

Generate actionable knowledge on issues that are key to effective leadership

Board of Directors Initiative. A multi-year initiative, led by former Becton Dickenson CEO and Center Director, Ed Ludwig, examines how Boards sustain higher ambition companies over generations of CEOs.

Managing for the Short and Long-term. This initiative, led by former TASC CEO and CHL Executive Fellow, David Langstaff focuses on how CEOs can both meet the imperative to deliver short term results while also making the investments required to deliver sustained long term stakeholder value.

Higher Ambition in Private Equity. This initiative, led by Co-Founder of Linden Capital, Eric Larson, seeks to develop a community of leaders within the private equity/private investing arena interested in taking a higher ambition approach to investing.