We're HiringHelp us launch a revolution. Located approximately 35 minutes west of Boston in Lincoln, Massachusetts, the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership (CHL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and supporting a growing global community of CEOs and next generation leaders who believe that there is a better way for businesses to lead and manage– better economically and better for the world. Higher-ambition leaders are committed to demonstrating that the most powerful way for businesses to ‘do well’ (achieve long term financial success) is to ‘do good’ (create real value and societal benefits for all of their stakeholders). The Center’s membership includes a committed core of purpose driven organizations in the US and Europe, and we are poised for rapid growth.

As an employee of CHL you will join an organization that itself embodies the best of what it means to be a higher ambition organization. We judge ourselves not just by our success in transforming the paradigm and practice of management, but also by our ability to create an environment that will allow you to grow and thrive as a leader. Be part of the change in how business is conducted.

Administrative Assistant