Henry Schein Multi-Stakeholder Focus Builds Sustainable Business Value

Henry Schein Multi-Stakeholder Focus Builds Sustainable Business Value By Gwen Gulick 12/11/17   Leaders from the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership’s (CHL) member companies came together in October for a two-day Learning Visit with Henry Schein. A highlight of the visit was a tour of the company’s busy Indianapolis Distribution Center, where CHL members talked…


Innovation is Not Extra Credit at the Hospital for Special Surgery

From the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership’s CEO Video Series – Douglas Wilson interviews Lou Shapiro, CEO of HSS – the top U.S. hospital for musculoskeletal health. Doing the same thing better, time after time, is ultimately a prescription for failure. Why?  Because people outside your company will figure out a better way and beat…

Leadership basics

Leadership Basics Are Still Key to Success

We liked a recent piece by Eric McNulty in strategy+business because it showed how CEOs from two seemingly completely different companies came to the same conclusions about the importance of employees finding meaning at work, supplying pathways for growth and development, and leading for a higher purpose–all themes central to Higher Ambition leadership. McNulty noted the…


A Roadmap to Get Beyond Short-Termism

Short-termism has received a lot of attention. A recent piece in Harvard Business Review highlighted the findings of a Center for Higher Ambition Leadership research study exploring how to align short- and long-term performance objectives. The study was conducted by Director of Research and Practice Development Kate Isaacs, Executive Fellow David Langstaff, and Executive Director Russ Eisenstat.…

Leadership Essentials

The Trust-based Case for Higher Ambition Leadership

Each January, the global public relations firm Edelman releases its Trust Barometer based on extensive surveys on attitudes toward businesses governments, non-governmental organizations, and the media. The good news from a Higher Ambition perspective is that 75% of those surveyed agree that “a company should take specific actions that both increases profits and improve the…

NYU Langone Medical Center

The Higher Ambition Transformation of NYU Langone Medical Center

In a new article in strategy+business, Center Executive Fellow Doug Wilson, Center board member Nathaniel Foote of TruePoint, and Eric J. McNulty of the Program for Healthcare Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health chronicle the dramatic transformation of NYU Langone Medical Center, A Center for Higher Ambition Leadership…