Higher Ambition Practice

1980s BUILDING A BARN AMISH COUNTRY PENNSYLVANIA USAAt the heart of the work of the Center is the advancement of the practice of higher ambition leadership.

There is no more energizing way to spend your professional life than to lead with a higher ambition. But this is far from easy. Impact emerges from the accomplishments of those who move beyond believing in business as a force for making the world better to actually demonstrating that this is true through concrete results.

Our goal is to help you in your Higher Ambition endeavors. We are continually developing and aggregating blog posts, articles, case studies, books, and other resources we think you’ll find valuable. A good place to start is the book, Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Social and Economic Value in which we examine 36 companies and their leaders who provide compelling examples of the practices and disciplines of higher ambition leadership.

To help you navigate the growing trove of material, we have organized this section of the site around discrete practice areas:

We also have a Resources section organized by media type.

Search on any of the above terms or simply browse to find assets and insights to draw upon as you pursue your organization’s Higher Ambition.