groupUnderstanding that an organization’s capabilities and culture, the foundations of its long-term success, higher ambition leaders place great emphasis on developing their organizations as global communities with a meaningful shared purpose.

These are organizations where heads, hearts, and hands are engaged through a sense of belonging that transcends business and functional differences, as well as professional, ethnic, cultural, and national identities.

Higher ambition leaders commit to a model of collective leadership and spend a disproportionate amount of their time in forming an aligned core team at the top and in developing an extended group that can provide distributed leadership across the organization, both now and into the future. For more, see the Human Resource Development page.

The threads of a vibrant organizational social fabric—formal and informal relationships across geographies and functions—make collaborating worldwide far easier. The ability of higher-ambition leaders to create vibrant global communities is fundamental to the success they achieve. In renewing and strengthening these communities, these leaders:

Unleash the energy and commitment of their people to the overall success of their firms by:

  • Giving voice to personal aspirations and values
  • Establishing a meaningful higher purpose

Reduce organizational friction and enhance collaboration across the enterprise by:

  • Strengthening connections across boundaries
  • Making diversity a source of advantage

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Search on any of the above terms or simply “Organization & Culture” to find assets and insights to draw upon as you pursue your organization’s Higher Ambition. Some suggestions to get you started are below.

A video interview with the Center’s own Michael Beer on “High Commitment High Performance Organizations” and how to create them.

Here is a link to an excerpt from Beer’s book of the same name.

Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley (with contributions by David Creelman) present management principles that enable companies to be both successful and responsible in Management Reset. As described on Amazon, ” Existing command & control and high-involvement management styles depend too much on stable conditions and focus too narrowly on economic outcomes. They convincingly argue that we need to ‘reset’ our approach to management to one that fits today’s demanding business environment.”

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones explore how to create the best workplaces on Earth. Among their insights: let people be themselves and eliminate “stupid rules.” Goffee and Jones haven’t found the perfect workplace yet but their research has revealed the key ingredients. (Harvard Business Review. Purchase required). They’ve also written a blog post with a summary of their findings.