?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Rather than a traditional assessment, we offer these questions that you and your team can use for reflection and exploration. If you wish, use a 1-5 scale with 1 being “Strongly Disagree” and 5 being “Strongly Agree.” Cite examples or data whenever possible in order to ground your thinking in evidence. Be concrete.

Use a single section for a brown bag lunch discussion or the full set to frame a retreat. Where you answer “no’ or “not sure,” you will find areas for improvement.

You may also integrate these questions with other formal assessments that you currently use. Download the PDF: Higher Ambition Org Survey.

Building High Trust, High Commitment Relationships:

  • How central are trust and commitment to your relationships with each of your stakeholders: your people, customers, business partners (suppliers, alliance partners, etc.), communities where you do business, and investors?
  • How do you measure that trust and commitment?

Delivering Superior and Distinctive Value:

  • How, specifically, do you deliver superior and distinctive value to each of your stakeholders?
  • How do your products and services make a real and important positive contribution to the well-being of your customers and the larger society?

Purpose, Values, and Culture:

  • How strong is your sense of shared purpose, values and culture? Do they provide a deep source of connection and commitment for all of those who are part of your organization?
  • Do your people feel a particularly strong sense of pride and commitment to the organization because of the contribution they and the organization are making to the larger good of community and society? How do you know?

Crafting a Higher Ambition Strategy

  • Have you laid out an ambitious strategic vision and set of objectives for the organization that are rooted in purpose and values and that is highly energizing for your people?
  • Do you have a distinctive and winning strategy that capitalizes on, and further develops, your unique organizational capabilities and cultural strengths? Is your view widely shared throughout the organization?

Building a Shared Commitment to Excel

  • Do leaders in your organization hold themselves and each other accountable for meeting ambitious performance commitments?
  • Are leaders in your company evaluated and rewarded for achieving goals and leading in a way that is consistent with your values?
  • Do you consistently meet short-term financial targets? What is your track record at creating long-term value?
  • Are you disciplined about investing in building the leadership, organizational and business capabilities needed to enact your strategy and live your values?
  • Are you willing to make tough decisions to address individuals who are not meeting performance standards or acting in accord with organizational values?

Creating a Community of Shared Purpose

  • Are leaders and associates consistently willing to put the interests of the company ahead of those of their business, function, or region?
  • Do you collaborate effectively when needed across businesses, geographies and functions?
  • Does your organization seek out people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and talent and use that diversity to innovate and perform..
  • Do you encourage and are you skilled at constructive conflict and problem solving?

Unlocking Collective Leadership

  • Does the organization excel at unlocking the full potential and capabilities of our leaders and associates at all levels?
  • Are you effectively developing a critical mass of next generation leaders with the capabilities and values we will need for our future success?
  • Have you created energizing work and career paths for leaders at all levels of our organization?
  • How do senior leaders’ decisions and actions inspire your people to live to your stated purpose and values?

Accelerating Learning and Change

  • Are your leaders skilled at encouraging and leading difficult conversations about decisions and behavior that undermine our business success and/or our purpose and values?
  • Do you seek out and act on new thinking and perspectives from both outside and within the organization?
  • Are you able to rapidly and effectively adjust your strategy, organization and ways of working in response to changing market demands while also maintaining and reinforcing your shared purpose and values?
  • Do you senior leaders find ways to enable honest conversations that reveal the unvarnished truth about our strengths and barriers to enacting your strategy and living your values?

Overall Organizational Alignment

  • Are your organization’s structure, processes, and ways of working are well aligned with your strategy and the requirements of the marketplace?
  • Is your organization behavior/culture is aligned with your stated values and purpose?

Achieving Sustainable High Performance and Commitment

Overall, are you on a course that will allow you to thrive in the years ahead both financially, and as a purpose and values driven organization?


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