Rather than a traditional assessment, we offer these questions that will help you reflect and develop a deeper understanding of where you are on your personal higher ambition leadership journey. They are centered on four key facets of personal leadership development. Download the PDF: Higher Ambition Personal Assessment

Find Your Anchor

  • Am I anchored in a philosophy of life, family, and work that enables me to find and serve a higher purpose, check my ego, and know what is right?
  • Am I developing habits for life and work that will enable me to stay centered so I can make wise decisions?

Choose Your Teachers Well

  • Do I have leaders from whom I can learn?
  • Am I comfortable accepting and using help from others?

Learn from Experience

  • Do I have a career plan that will provide me with the lessons of experience I need to develop my leadership and management capacity?
  • Does this plan include diverse jobs that will stretch my capabilities–jobs where I do not have the answers and where I am required to engage others in problem solving?
  • Am I working for a higher-ambition company with the right types of colleagues and a strong performance culture? If not, how can I find such a company, join it, and learn?
  • Am I finding ways to exercise my capacity to be honest with myself and with others and to take responsibility for my actions? Am I discovering what makes this difficult for me?

Engage in Honest Conversations

  • Do I ask for and receive honest feedback? Have I developed the trusted relationships with peers, coaches, and bosses to give me this feedback?

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