Where Can I Find  Higher Ambition Internship?

Values-driven companies looking for young talent and an internship can be a great way to both gain experience and introduce yourself to a potential employer.  Here are a few of the many resources for finding the one that is right for you:



B Corp Job Board

  • B-Corporations are a community of companies with a special commitment to achieve high standards of social and environmental accountability. B-Lab certifies that these organizations meet the responsibilities expected of B-corporations. Many B Corporations post internship opportunities on their website.

Careers in the Common Good

  • A blog by Middlebury College devoted getting you started on a socially-minded career path

Forbes’ Ranking of Best Internships

  • A list of highly ranked internships that provide enriching experiences, generous compensation, and often an opportunity for employment after graduation. Compiled by Forbes magazine.

Glass Door

  • A resource with an immense collection of data on employment and internship experiences

Intern Hub Massachusetts

  • A platform for students, employers, and career counselors in Massachusetts that features an interactive job board


  • An online search engine that connects students and graduates to internships in advertising, marketing, sales, and PR


  • A good website for casting your net wide in your internship search

Net Impact

  • A website that highlights resources for students looking to embark on a socially-minded career path

Vault Career Intelligence

  • A ranking of internships organized by industry and field of study.  Also, includes an overall ranking of internships

Most schools also have career offices that will help you find an internship that fits your interests.

What do Higher Ambition Interns do? A Guide for Interns and Employers

  1. Work in companies that consider all their stakeholders: Higher Ambition companies look beyond the conventional focus short-term shareholder value.Instead they seek to create both economic and social value for all stakeholders including their customers, workers, partners, communities, and investors.
  2. Contribute in a meaningful way: Higher Ambition leaders want to provide enriching opportunities to their interns. They assign important work that ties into the organization’s core goals. As a result, Higher Ambition interns are expected to perform at the top of their game, show initiative, and take on responsibility.
  3. Are integrated into the core of the company: Higher Ambition Internships provide the opportunity to collaborate with high-level employees and have contact with the company’s leadership.
  4. Receive constructive feedback: Higher Ambition leaders set high expectations for all their workers, including interns. They express both their praise and concerns with your performance candidly. They are determined to make your internship help you and the company grow.
  5. Work at Companies that Succeeds Financially:  While, Higher Ambition companies look beyond economic profit, they still understand the importance of succeeding by conventional metrics of financial success. They don’t see the creation of social value at odds with their commitment to earning their shareholders profit. Instead, they believe that creating social value is essential to the firm’s financial well-being.

What About Companies without an Established Internship Program?

Many companies do not have established internship programs but are still interested in working with motivated undergraduates.  These represent an opportunity to take initiative and propose a way in which you feel you can uniquely add value to the company.  It is first important to find a company that you feel passionate about and research it thoroughly.  See areas where they want to expand and how your skills might help that project.  Write a letter to whoever is in charge of hiring explaining your specific idea of how you would contribute.  It is also important to express a willingness to be flexible if their idea of what they need differs from your proposal.

What Are Some Tips for Applying to a Higher Ambition Internship?

Like any job, Higher Ambition internships usually require that you submit two documents, a resume and cover letter, and that you accept the opportunity to be interviewed if they are interested in you as a candidate. Of course, many companies request additional material when applying, such as recommendations, a school paper, or project that demonstrates your strengths.

For the most part, Higher Ambition companies look for the same qualities as any company: motivation, interest in the industry, desire to work hard, and sufficient ability to handle the tasks that will be assigned. Yet because of their emphasis on collective leadership, employment diversity, and a distinct and inclusive corporate culture, Higher Ambition companies look beyond the conventional criteria. They want someone who understands the company’s unique identity and will inject new talents and perspectives into their organization.  Here are a few specific tips for applying to a  Higher Ambition Internship.

Cover Letter: 

  • Keep it short: Ideally, your cover letter should not exceed a single-spaced half-page. Employers receive many letters and you’ll leave a deeper impression when you highlight the most important information. Focus on a few important points instead of trying to include every thought you have.
  • Suggest some specific projects to which you could contribute: Research the company to find initiatives that align with your interest and skills. Express what makes you specially qualified to undertake these challenges and why you are passionate about them. This gives them a personal and tangible picture of how your work would contribute to the company.
  • Express your enthusiasm for their corporate purpose:  Shared purpose is at the cornerstone of a Higher Ambition company. Thus, it is important that you show that you understand and embrace their distinct purpose and values.
  • Focus on what makes you distinct: Make your cover letter memorable.  Mention activities you’ve been involved with, interests you’ve pursued, and skills you posses that give a specific and relatable picture of you as a person.

Interview Tips 

  • Read plenty about the company before your interview: Your responses should reflect a deep knowledge of the company, its initiatives and activities, its customers, and other aspects that differentiate this company from any other.
  • Stay Focused: Do not drift off topic. Continuously check that you are responding to the question asked.  They want to see that you can field their questions and provide the information that they are interested in, not simply talk to fill the time.
  • Weave in activities you have been involved from a wide variety of areas:  Don’t mention only one type of extracurricular you have been involved with. Express the full range of your talents. You never know which one will resonate with the person conducting the interview.
  • Identify areas of your qualifications that maybe of some concerns for your employer: Be honest but not self-deprecating about your weaknesses.  Say a certain employer wants someone with computer programming experience that you lack.  Be up front about it and explain how you are going to confront that challenge.  It looks worse if you do not bring it up at all.
  • Practice with someone in advance:  Have someone else with ample job interview experience ask you questions beforehand so you are less nervous on game day.
  • Ask the interviewer questions: You are interested in this company but can’t have all of the answers. Asking questions shows that you are curious and engaged. You are also probing for fit. Ask what a typical day is like or what their expectations are of interns.