Here we highlight selected books that we have found to be of particular interest to Higher Ambition leaders.

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Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value. The authors interviewed engaged with, and learned from 36 CEOs from around the world who have succeeded in creating value that sustains their companies in the short term and the long term. Indeed, their experiences prove it is possible for large corporations to consistently deliver superior economic and social value even in the face of headwinds from capital markets, rapidly changing technology, and unrelenting competition. The work in this book is the foundation on which the Center is built. It is by the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership’s Michael Beer, Russ Eisenstat, Nathaniel Foote, Flemming Norrgren, and Tobias Fredberg.


In his book, TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments (Jossey-Bass; hardcover; May 2011), co-authored with Mette Norgaard, Douglas Conant turns conventional business wisdom on its head, suggesting that the daily interruptions that leaders face in nearly epidemic proportions are actually the moments where the greatest leadership opportunities lie.

TouchPoints reveals the theory that helped Conant turn around the Campbell Soup Company and lead Nabisco Foods Company during five years of consecutive growth. Conant and Norgaard argue that the secret to leadership mastery is to use interruptions and other incidental points of contact as a method to promote the company’s values, purpose and agenda. The result? Higher employee engagement, improved growth and revenue, and better customer relationships.