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Purposeful and values driven leaders have an edge when it comes to building successful organizations. Their leadership not only outperforms in the marketplace, but also wins the hearts of their people, their customers and their communities. If you believe societal and financial results can go hand-in-hand, you are not alone. We invite you to learn about our community of like-minded leaders committed to helping each other build higher performing organizations and a better world.

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Leadership Voices

  • Doug StotlarHigher Ambition is “how you engage people, the role that culture plays, how you think about talent on your team, and the type of perspective that leaders need to run a great company.”

    Doug Stotlar
    President and CEO, Con-way, Inc.
  • DickGochnauer“My business experiences have taught me that values-based companies are not only more rewarding to work in, but get higher sustainable results over time.”

    Richard Gochnauer
    Former CEO, United Stationers
  • Fred Keller“…our purpose as we have defined it for Cascade Engineering is to positively impact society and the environment AND be financially successful.”

    Fred Keller
    Former CEO, Cascade Engineering
  • Bergman WEFEthical capitalism means “…a focus on creating long-term economic and social value, and a commitment by business to act as stewards of the full spectrum of its constituencies — customers, employees, suppliers, investors and society.”
    Stan Bergman
    CEO, Henry Schein, Inc.
  • Doug“…self-anchoring — knowing why you want to lead and what you want to do — is the essential first step in leading transformational change.”

    Doug Conant
    Former President and Chairman, Campbell Soup Company; currently founder of ConantLeadership